Justice isn’t ‘one size fits all’

Truth and Justice Over Politics

As your District Attorney, I will prioritize public safety by implementing comprehensive strategies to protect all of our communities from danger, prevent crime, maintain peace, hold violent offenders accountable and establish a path to success for low-level offenders.

I will uphold the integrity of the people working within the DA’s office by ensuring the ethical prosecution of wrongdoers, promote transparency, implement youth outreach, uncover and make right anyone wrongfully convicted, and collaborate with the community, non-profit organizations, defense attorneys, and law enforcement to strengthen public safety and solve problems.

Restoring Justice

Fair and Equal Access to Justice

I will ensure ALL residents of Los Angeles have fair and equal access to justice with an emphasis on protecting victims, children, and families and promise a fair and balanced approach to public safety.

Justice Reforms

I believe in reforms, rehabilitation and second chances. However, we must first and always follow the law. We must balance reforms with public safety and protecting our most vulnerable.

True justice and equity means making the right decisions for the right reasons for each individual case. Reform is not just a word or a phrase to me, it is actual and real.

I have done plea agreements in order to help others who could have been deported from this country. I have worked with defendants who have drug and alcohol issues. I have decided to have juveniles in very serious cases stay in juvenile court so they could be rehabilitated instead of adult court.

I have done the work. I don’t just talk about it.

District Attorney’s "People's Office" Transparency

I believe in law and justice above all else. My administration will always be open and honest. We will always work with the Board of Supervisors, our law enforcement partners, community members and groups, Deputy District Attorneys that may have a different opinion, and local elected officials in order to foster a teamwork approach to public safety.

We will always properly staff and support our Public Integrity Unit and Justice System Integrity Unit (which prosecutes law enforcement crime) within the DA’s office.

We will hold anyone who commits a crime, no matter a Republican or Democrat, elected official or not, rich or poor, media case or not, police officer or not, friend or not, accountable.

We will work and collaborate with local elected state assembly members and senators to draft, pass and implement laws which protect the public, families and children and help all of our communities.

This is The People’s Office. We will work for you.

Support Collaborative Courts

I believe in less micromanaging and more working together with judges and defense attorneys to get the right result for each individual case. No stringent law and order dispositions but also no dangerous blanket policies. Every decision and action must be guided by public safety. I’m not soft on crime or tough on crime. I’m smart on crime.

    • Support and Institute Mental Health Courts for non-violent defendants
    • Support and Institute Drug & Alcohol Disease Courts for non-violent defendants
    • Support and Institute Veteran’s Courts for non-violent defendants
    • Support and Institute Unhouses Courts for non-violent defendants

Justice Involved

Parole Unit

I will always support victims, survivors, and families. I fully support the rights of victims, not just for the rich or famous, or media cases, but all victims, victim advocacy and Marsy’s Law.

I will immediately create a Parole Unit and start notifying victims of parole hearings and send Deputy District Attorneys back to parole hearings. We will ensure our Victims’ Services Unit is actually supporting victims, survivors, and their families.

Our cases are the victims’ cases. We must always demonstrate our commitment to the safety of victims and their families. In my administration, there will always be justice and equity for victims and survivors.


Presumptive $0 bail for all non-violent misdemeanors. However, no presumptive $0 bail for serious misdemeanors such as domestic violence and child abuse and all felonies.

Bail for violent misdemeanors and ALL felonies – all defendants for violent misdemeanors and felonies must go before a judge and a hearing will be had to determine if the defendant is safe to be released without bail.

That means looking at the defendant’s actual crime, the defendant’s prior criminal history, the defendant’s failures to appear, taking into consideration the safety of the public and the victim, and looking at alternatives to custody that still provide public safety.

We will be guided by public safety, fairness to all, and victim’s rights.

Strikes, Allegations and Enhancements

Day 1 of my administration, I will immediately remove every single blanket policy enacted by George Gascón, and get back to prosecuting crime on a case-by-case basis based upon the law, equity, justice, facts, and evidence. We will be guided by public safety above all else.

Juvenile Justice

The presumption is juvenile cases will be handled in juvenile court with rehabilitation being the primary focus. I will establish a true juvenile transfer committee and certain cases will go before that committee, such as murder, rape, sexual assault, and gun violence with injuries. If the case passes the committee, we will then proceed with a transfer motion in juvenile court.

We will not just send young Deputy District Attorneys to juvenile court or treat juvenile court like a dead-end job. Experienced DDAs will also be assigned to juvenile court to make sure all juvenile cases are being handled with care and compassion.

We will treat justice involved juveniles with the highest priority.

Death Penalty

I am generally opposed to the death penalty. However, the death penalty is the law in California and I am strongly opposed to blanket policies. I believe in real discretion.

My only exceptions to the death penalty are: The torture and murder of an innocent child; the sexual assault and murder of an innocent child; mass murder; and the murder of a police officer.

Then, and only then, will the case go before a special circumstance committee, have 100% evidence (beyond all doubt), and the defense will even get an opportunity to address the committee. If all that passes, then a jury will get to decide punishment.

Safe Communities


Establish a unit to work directly with the DEA and local law enforcement that specifically handles and charges fentanyl dealers and fentanyl deaths. If we have the evidence, we will charge fentanyl dealers who are killing our loved ones to the fullest extent of the law.

Cross deputize and cross train our District Attorney Investigators with the DEA to allow more successful investigation and prosecution of fentanyl dealers in order to protect our children and vulnerable communities.

In addition, we will work with the community in establishing in-patient treatment facilities for anyone addicted to fentanyl. We are after the dealers, not the users. 

I support thoughtful and caring treatment of addiction, not open use facilities.

Street Takeovers

Establish a unit to work directly with the CHP and local law enforcement that specifically handles and charges persons killing others at street takeovers. If we have the evidence, we will charge street takeover murderers who are killing our loved ones to the fullest extent of the law.

We will also seek to charge anyone organizing these street takeovers.

In addition, we will work with the community in establishing rehabilitative avenues for juveniles involved in street takeovers. Let’s prevent these deaths before they happen and give children safe avenues instead of dangerous street takeovers.

Gun Violence

Day 1 of my administration, I will remove every single blanket policy George Gascon has implemented and start enforcing all gun violence allegations and enhancements. I will strengthen efforts to keep guns away from children and prosecute offenders of gun violence with existing laws.

Law Enforcement Accountability

As one of the very few prosecutors that has filed and argued a Pitchess motion against law enforcement, I have actually held law enforcement to answer for their actions.

I have fought for police accountability in my personal life in 2011, when my own mom was run over by an off-duty – under the influence – law enforcement officer. I have held the police accountable in Gabriel’s case and in Anthony’s case. I believe we must hold bad police officers to the same legal standards as the general public.

As your District Attorney, I will hold the police accountable for criminal actions and abuse of authority.

Public Transportation

Many depend on Metro buses and trains to go to work and school, and should be able to use our public transportation without being attacked or harassed. Day 1 of my administration, I will create a task force to aggressively start prosecuting crime on Metro. I will meet with our law enforcement partners and Metro to implement crime suppression strategies. We all have a right to safe public transportation in Los Angeles. As District Attorney, your safety and the safety of our families will be my top priority.

DDA Community Representative

I will assign a DDA liaison, who lives in each of the 88 cities, to meet with their respective city council members once a month. The DDA community representative will then report back to the DA what public safety issues are affecting each individual city and their community. I will then implement policies and strategies to help promote public safety for each specific community within LA County.

Protecting the Vulnerable

Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Vulnerable Victims

My record speaks for itself – vulnerable victims, children, sexual assault victims, victims of hate crimes, elder abuse, and domestic violence will always have a place in my heart and I will always stand with you and fight for you. That is a promise.

Hate Crimes

Day 1 of my administration, I will remove every single blanket policy George Gascon has implemented and start enforcing all hate crimes allegations and enhancements. I will strengthen the Hate Crimes unit within the DA’s Office to properly reflect our values against hate of any kind.

Protecting LGBTQ+ Rights

Our fellow citizens in targeted communities throughout our county have a right to safety and equal access to justice.

I will implement an LGBTQ+ liaison and community board in my administration. I believe we must always support the LGBTQ+ community through outreach, inclusion, victim support and the prosecution of hate crimes cases.


Our community, our children, our future generations, our beach communities, our desert communities, our green spaces, our animals and wildlife, our workers, our public spaces, and our beautiful Los Angeles will always be protected with me as your District Attorney. We will always properly staff and support our Environmental Unit within the DA’s office.

Foster Kids: Forever Family

There are over 463,000 children in the foster care system in the United States. All children need and deserve forever homes. Here in Los Angeles, we must do our part for the over 33,000 children in the foster care population. As District Attorney, I will partner with our county agencies and organizations to help at-risk kids stay in their communities. My administration will promote monthly Forever Family days where we will feature children waiting for an adoptive family and a forever home.

Adopt-a-Pet: Furrever Friends
I have always been a dog-lover and passionate animal rescue advocate. The connections we as humans share with our furry friends is such a benefit to our lives, families and communities. As District Attorney, I will partner with our county agencies and non-profit organizations to promote monthly Furrever Friends pet adoption days where we will feature animals waiting for a home to call their own.
Animal Theft & Cruelty

As a dog owner, I know pets are a loving part of the family. Dog thefts are a terrifying experience and are on the rise in Los Angeles. As DA, I will increase the DDA’s who prosecute animal theft & cruelty cases. I will also vigorously support the prosecution of dog thefts and animal cruelty.

Honoring Victims

Under my leadership, we will construct a “victim’s wall” at the Hall of Justice to honor victims of crime and their families. This is something that’s been missing from the LADA’s office. It needs to be fixed. Under my leadership, it will be.

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